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No matter your size, HIPAA privacy/security compliance is an active business function not a onetime project. You need an ongoing, measurable and monitored compliance program that works year after year. The Challenge:
Having the Time to stay on top of all the requirements
Having the Security and Privacy Knowledge to effectively evaluate and mitigate potential risks
Having resources to efficiently develop , implement and monitor the required Security polices, plans, procedures and inventories

The HIPAA Privacy and Security rules require documented evidence of compliance year after year. In effect they require a comprehensive security risk management program, not just a risk assessment. The question is:
Does your Organization have the Time , Knowledge and Resources to manage an ongoing Risk Management program?

A Different Approach to Privacy and Security

Understanding the myriad of security regulatory requirements can be overwhelming. With these challenges facing most organizations, HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS was created to simplify and alleviate the pressure and complexity of compliance. With our program your organization will have access to critical security and privacy concepts in layman’s terms as you work in accordance with our team members to satisfy your organization’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule compliance requirements.

Our Virtual Privacy and Security Team provides you peace of mind for the journey that is risk management. You get the knowledge and process to be successful in an affordable and comprehensive blueprint.

HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS is a simplified, cost effective approach to document your inventory, assess your controls, manage the risk mitigation process and prepare for potential audits. It’s not only a tool but an unique security and privacy training and implementation solution. It is a security and privacy compliance program that all healthcare practitioners can afford, learn from, understand and reuse year after year.

Through it all we partner with you to build a fully functioning privacy and security compliance program that is customized to your business, complexity and size.