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Why Us

The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS team can assist you in ensuring the privacy and security of patient health information (PHI) ensuring overall patient care is not compromised for your institution.   The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS solution guides you through the risk remediation process, saving time, money, and reducing threat risk. Our approach focuses on the establishment of repeatable, consistent enterprise-wide behaviors, not just quick fix online checklists and document templates that leave many people asking themselves; What do I do now?
By focusing on understanding What’s Important not a Big Bang approach, we reduce the time necessary to address critical PHI security and privacy issues.  We’ve developed a unique guided software approach with step-by-step work plans, with “what to do’s” at every turn.  We offer a comprehensive library of simplified policies, procedure, and plan templates that accelerate the learning and implementation process.  Our best practice data analysis and proven organizational security compliance expertise leverage lessons learned and comparison benchmarks.


The HIPAA HITECH EXPRESS team assists you in attaining HIPAA security and privacy rule compliance as you implement a secure security and privacy environment. Our Virtual Security and Privacy Team works with you to identify your compliance needs within HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule requirements, determine gaps and prioritize mitigation activities, and perform corrective actions.

We can guide and QA you, or provide as much hands on support as required. Either way, the result is a secure, auditable and protected environment that is ready to continuously manage and monitor .